Ramayana Reflection Series I

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May 21, 2011 marked the Chhandam School of Kathak’s cornerstone school production – Ramayana.  The show featured over 350 students, live musicians from India, and appearances by the Chitresh Das Dance Company.  Students, parents, and participants took the time to share their experiences on the performance and being a part of the spectacular production.  Kathaka will be featuring these excerpts in a five part series.

Ishani Raha, Age  7

Rich in culture
A tale of four brothers,
Manthara’s revenge
And victory of good over evil
Youth company amazed the audience
And the little dancers made their teachers proud
Namashkar to Dadaji for the gift of Kathak

Akshaya Jegraj, Age  13

The Ramayana was the exquisite jewel of all performances I have seen or been in. It was a masterpiece. Even with over 300 students participating, it went smoothly and that is because of all the amazing volunteers who helped.  When I watched the rehearsals, I was amazed by the magnificence of Kathak live and on stage. I was even extremely upset that because I’m a performer, I wasn’t able to see the real show and be immersed in so much Indian culture. My sister and I are extremely happy that we participated in such a wonderful event and hope that new opportunities like this will come soon. This show, or what I saw of it, showed me that India can be different than all that we hear from the media. India can be graceful, majestic, royal, and fantastic. I would like to ask everyone to come to the next Chhandam or Chitresh Das Dance Company show so they, too, can see India at its finest.