Volunteer Profile Series: Pragati Sharma

Posted on January 2, 2012 by


This holiday season, Chhandam would like to honor the outstanding contributions of some of our most energetic and committed volunteers!

Pragati has committed hundreds of volunteer hours to support the organization. Outside of Chhandam, Pragati enjoys being a full-time mother of two beautiful children, a wife of a wonderful husband, and being employed full-time.

Pragati had the privilege of meeting and following Dadaji since the early 1990’s.  She started taking Kathak with Dadaji while completing her undergraduate degree at San Francisco State University.  Though she left dance in mid-90’s due to family circumstances, she continued to follow the progression of Dadaji and Chhandam over the last couple of decades.

Pragati has had the pleasure to have been a volunteer for several School-wide events, Branch CAPS Lead and administrative staff, the amazing Summer Camp for Children, Re-treat, and the 30th Anniversary Gala, just to name a few.  She volunteers because she believes in and supports Dadaji’s vision and movement to raise awareness and foster the preservation of the Indian classical art.  She says, “It is a great honor to have an incredibly gifted, talented, and in general, an artist with such a good soul around us in the bay area.  Not only is Dadaji giving our children and us the opportunity to learn a pure classical dance, kathak, but also through his leadership, we learn music and experience breath-taking performances.”

She notes that her experience as a volunteer have been fulfilling in several ways.  “There is a huge feeling of accomplishment.  More importantly being a volunteer at Chhandam provides the opportunity to engage and be a part of this incredible community,” she says.

Pragati is humbly thankful for Dadaji’s continuous perseverance, resilience, and generosity to share his wisdom, talent, creativity, and so much more.  She recognizes that Dadaji’s successes are not short of getting through difficult times and hard work.  “He is a huge testament on what one can achieve if they put their mind to it.  I encourage the entire Chhandam community to actively get involved and volunteer as even in the smallest ways, you can contribute to big achievements.”

Pragati continues to offer her warmth and support to all of us at Chhandam.  Thank you Pragati for all that you do!