Chhandam Dancing Feet Summer Camp

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Chhandam students have had the opportunity to participate in two weeks of enriching summer camp so far this summer.  Each week, participants were exposed to the footwork, technique, theory, and history behind Kathak, culminating in a performance demonstrating their intense week of training.  CDDC member and teacher, Labonee Mohanta tells us about her experience.

By Labonee Mohanta

Here is a quick recap on the Chhandam School Summer Camp we had in Fremont the last two weeks!  We taught a very long and in-depth summer camp two weeks in a row where students were immersed in the training of the classical art.  The children started long sessions of footwork, exercises, and technique in the morning, followed by gaining a deeper understanding of taal & rhythm, music, singing, and storytelling through dance in the afternoon.  They also increased their knowledge of history and philosophy of India, and ended each week with a culminating performance demonstrating some of this knowledge, along with the dance and music they had been intensely training in all week!

Some of the highlights of the performances were the children singing Gayatri Mantra and Shlokas, performing the groundbreaking technique of Kathak Yoga beginning with children age 5, singing and dancing Shyama Sundara and Raghu Pathi Raghava.  They also presented their research on the history of Kathak dance, symbolism of the Indian flag, names of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna, characteristics and attributes of Goddess Saraswati, and the 9 principles of Chhandam.

Summer Camp was a deeper study and inspiring experience for the children, and rewarding for the teachers to help the students improve and grow in one week’s time.  Many students were sad when it was over!  Very grateful parents commented on how Summer Camp gives students access to their heritage of India, while empowering their children and giving them more confidence to be who they are.  We are really proud of all the Summer Camp participants and are looking forward to the final week of Summer Camp next month in Mountain View!

 Register your children for the last 2012 Summer Camp session – August 13 to 17 !

Photos by Shyam Gooty