CDDC at the 30th Annual National Dance/USA Conference

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On June 28, 2012, CDDC joined several other world class dance companies at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – as part of the 30th Annual National Dance/USA Conference.  CDDC dancer, Labonee Mohanta, shares a few thoughts from the performance!

By Labonee Mohanta

I am writing a note to relay a bit of the experience we had, performing at the National Dance/USA Conference.  Our Executive Director, Celine Schein, who was on the host committee of this conference, worked hard to put Chitresh Das Dance Company alongside the elite, mainstream professional dance companies in the nation.  The 30th Annual National Dance/USA Conference presented us in Shabd‘, which blew the minds of all the dancers & scholars filling the seats, as they personally witnessed Pt. Chitresh Das’ groundbreaking innovation of Kathak Yoga.  The packed Novellus Theater was speechless as we performed with no accompanying musicians and only our feet, bells, vocals, and harmonium could be heard.  When we ended with singing the lehera and dancing ongoing chakkars, the audience burst out in an uproar of screaming and applause!  The audience was taken away by the fact that we were the dancer, percussionist, vocalist, and musician all at the same time.

We were very honored to be able to share Pt. Das’ revolutionizing work with the elite, mainstream dance world in the US, and having an opportunity to create history!