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Reviewing SHIVA: Chhandam’s story of the dark arts

Reviewing SHIVA: Chhandam’s story of the dark arts by Nikhil Thakur. Nikhil Thakur is a patron of the arts and a member of the Chhandam family. He is an IT professional, philosopher, and a follower of the teachings of Pandit Chitresh Das. In his spare time, Nikhil enjoys science fiction and women’s softball.   [Pandit […]

Own Yourself – Mayuka Sarukkai

When did you begin your study of kathak with Chhandam? I began studying at Chhandam around 9 years ago. I still remember feeling very, very overwhelmed as I tried to make my arms and legs do what I wanted them to do on that first day. Not to mention that I was probably the smallest […]

Kathak is an ocean – Nikhita Hazari

I don’t think I take enough time out of the day to tell the people I’m thinking about, that I’m thinking about them. I just sit there quietly going over the thoughts in my head, but never actually speak any of them – except for on the rarest of occasions, I suppose. One of the […]

Leela Institute for the Arts, Founder, Rina Mehta

One of the new initiatives we are most excited about in 2015 is the creation of the Leela Institute for the Arts in the Los Angeles area, founded by our own LA branch director, Rina Mehta.  The Los Angeles branch of the Chhandam School of Kathak dance was founded in 2008.  But, starting in 2015, […]

Happy 70th Birthday Guruji, From Shishya Gretchen

Dear Guruji, As you enter your eighth decade, we celebrate your previous seven and reflect upon your enormous contributions since arriving in the United States, from Calcutta (Kolkata) forty-five years ago—a gift beyond measure! Once referred to as the “Johnny Appleseed of kathak dance” you aimed high from the very beginning. “I want to add […]

A Kathak Performance as Seva

On October 4th, Senior members of the Chhandam Youth Dance Company performed on the steps of San Francisco City Hall as part of the 5th Annual Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls. The girls performed Rangmanch in simple red and white costumes. The event and walk was to bring to light the problem of gender […]